Aron Natural Solutions Inc has developed 100% pure arctic harp seal oil, Omega 3 Platinum with NBP Inc who has 20 years history and their own lab which is licensed by Canadian Government. NBP Inc harvests harp seals in Arctic which is the cleanest place in the world. NBP exclusively supplies us with the best quality of Arctic harp seal oil which is produced with Contherm Heating/Melting technology(US patent 5474790) which is at 60?, and up to 200 psi pressure. The method is used to protect nutrition components to avoid high temperature.


Who, Why does one need Omega 3 Platinum


The human body can’t produce and store Omega 3s, therefore it must be replenished on a daily basis. Omega 3 Platinum is the best method to ensure an adequate level of Omega 3s(DHA,EPA,DPA).

  • Babies, pre-term infants and pregnant women need Omega 3 Platinum to ensure normal development of the brain and other nerve tissues.
  • People with a personal or family history of heart disease or circulatory problems may also benefit from Omega 3 Platinum intake.
  • People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis often find increasing consumption of Omega 3 Platinum helps to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Omega-3 Platinum may alleviate infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis and diaper dermatitis(nappy rash).
  • Omega 3 Platinum helps to protect smokers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and reduce the likelihood of relapse in intestine(Crohn’s disease).
  • Omega 3 Platinum helps to treat pre-menstrual syndrome, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, migraine, depression and cancer.

Now The United States Department of Health and Nutritional Services, The National Institute of Health, and the Life of Sciences Research Offices of the Council for Responsible Nutrition have agreed that the daily intake of Omega 3 should increase to 1~3 grams per day. The World Health Organization(WHO) recently recommended that the daily intake of omega 3 should be increased above that consumed today by mature adults.


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